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Daniel Tsirlin – InterNACHI Certified Home INspector

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Real estate is in my blood. My parents work in the real estate investment industry, and because of that, I have been around real estate my entire life.  I have bought and sold properties, I’ve had rental properties, I have fixed and flipped, I’ve searched for (and live in) my dream home. You could say I know a thing or two about properties, and because of my experience, I can offer a unique perspective that many Home Inspectors simply can’t. I’m also native to Denver, which means I have a deep understanding of what it entails to own and manage a Denver property.

If you want my formal credentials, you may feel confident to know that I am certified by InterNACHI. My training was completed at Axium Academy, regarded as the Harvard of Home Inspection Training.

But there’s more to what makes me ME, and why that should matter to YOU when it comes to your home inspection experience. Besides being passionate about real estate, I am also an animal lover.  I am a Certified Pet Friendly Home Inspector – which means that when I come out to your home for an inspection, I am looking with a keen eye for potential hazards to pets. This can include making sure there is a door in your laundry room, having child locks on the lower cupboards for curious kittens, or other similar scenarios to make your home more pet-friendly. It also means that I will commit 10% of my revenue to donate to animal charities.

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